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New Work.

So just what is this “new work”? Art is best described visually. If I could describe and say what I wanted with words, I would do that. Instead I do it with color and visual imagery.

These new pieces, the “new work” differ from “old work” or “earlier work” in the method that they are done. My body of work stretches over 30 years, but I am showing only the newest pieces. The journey includes airbrushes, acrylic lacquers, friskit and clear acrylic sheeting. Masking, mess and paint over-spray used to be my friends. Tools included exhaust systems, #11 exacto blades, rubber gloves, sand blasters and hundreds of jars of color. New tools are computer programs, 2-D and 3-D cad programs, mathematical formulas and graphics accelerators. The newest images find their roots in earlier pieces and show the progression of my work over the years. Structures today begin from tightly controlled plans and are built up with numerous transparent layers of color, just like early work.

Here’s the roadmap for looking at my “new work”: How does this piece make you feel? Does it pull you in closer? Do you feel as though there as something mysterious or curious about these? Have you seen this before? If so, where? Are these microscopic or do you see Earth in the upper right hand corner of 02022005A or the lower portion of Landscape#5Jan05R3 ? Some of these appear floral, what type of flowers? Some appear to be built of metal, some are landscapes, but where are they from? Are these dangerous? Is there something that keeps you standing back a little, hesitant to step inside after an invitation to climb in? What does the bilateral symmetry do to you? Are these candy? Scary? Alive? Snapshots of some bizarre event or place?

I won’t provide you with answers since your journey is what is important. At times I may point you towards the direction to go towards. If you think “let’s play” you’re on your way.

Paul Pinzarrone

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